Portugal Gouvêa Attorneys at Law has its activities oriented to the business universe in terms of commercial law, economic law, and civil law, allying its tradition with an innovative spirit in the search for efficient solutions to the challenges of the modern economy.

Our objective is to provide legal and economic assistance in a customized way, by means of professionals highly qualified in the fields of law and economics, always based on technical knowledge and ethical values.

Sebastião Portugal Gouvêa, founding partner, majored in 1931 by the Law School of Largo de São Francisco, had his enrolment cancelled due to the Revolution of 1932, and after working still as an undergraduate at the law firm of Alfredo Egydio Souza Aranha, founded his own law firm in December 1932 with Francisco Estella.

Some years later, José Labre de França, Paulo Leme da Fonseca, Jair Martins Ferreira, Oswaldo Müller da Silva, Américo Portugal Gouvêa, Jairo Navarro de Magalhães, and many other attorneys jointed the firm, totaling 62 attorneys working together in the 70's. Sebastião Portugal Gouvêa headed the law firm until 1996, when he completed 65 years of uninterrupted and passionate work.

Since its foundation, Portugal Gouvêa Attorneys at Law has worked with corporate services in commercial, economic, and civil law, both in assistance and litigation aspects.

In the last few decades, many remarkable attorneys have worked at this law firm and many lawsuits were litigated. The law firm has always had its services oriented to the civil and commercial law. The firm has worked with hundreds of Brazilian and foreign clients. Many, for decades.

Today, the law firm has its own differentiated personality, legal and economic assistance, and customized service provided by professionals highly qualified in the fields of law and economics, always based on technical knowledge and ethical values added to our vast experience obtained throughout decades.

Portugal Gouvêa Attorneys at Law now has law firms in the states of São Paulo and Santa Catarina, with correspondents located at the main capitals of Brazil and abroad, and is among the most admired law firms in Brazil with emphasis to the civil law and commercial law.

Today, we are grateful to Sebastião Portugal Gouvêa, who inspires and encourages us, and we are also grateful to all of our past and current clients, who are unforgettable and precious.

Ricardo Portugal Gouvêa.